Sea-Ice Marathon – Luleå

02 March – A running competition on natural ice in world class!
42km + 21km + 10 km + 5 km

On March 2, 2024, runners will come together to participate in the Sea-Ice Classic running marathon, covering a remarkable 42km, 21km, 10 km, or the 5 km run on pristine natural ice. The natural ice marathon is an addition to the Schaatsen Luleå program in collaboration with Explore Luleå.

The location of the Sea-Ice Classic Running marathon is undoubtedly one of the most impressive aspects of this event. Situated on the edge of the majestic Gulf of Bothnia, the frozen ice surface provides a beautiful backdrop for the participants. In this winter landscape, participants challenge themselves and achieve remarkable feats.

What truly sets this marathon apart is the fact that the entire course takes place on natural ice. Runners face the challenge of running a full marathon on the glistening ice expanse, surrounded by the vastness of the wintry landscape. The sound of crunching ice beneath their feet and the fresh winter air filling their lungs create an experience like no other.

Beyond the pure physical effort, the Sea-Ice Marathon is also an event never to be forgotten due to all these elements. Participants are encouraged and supported by fellow runners and the welcoming local community, creating a fantastic atmosphere.

Whether you are a seasoned marathon runner seeking a new challenge or an adventurous runner looking to enjoy both sport and nature, the Sea-Ice Running Marathon on natural ice promises to be an unforgettable experience. Join us and let yourself be enchanted by the beautiful surroundings while pushing your limits during this extraordinary marathon on the frozen Gulf of Bothnia.